Fiction in a Flash

This is the uni­corn from the James Thurber Home and Museum in Colum­bus, Ohio. He is a fig­ure from Thurber’s short story, “The Uni­corn in the Garden.”

Actu­ally, the story is so short, it qual­i­fies as flash fic­tion, a term that had not been invented in Thurber’s time.

I love writ­ing flash fic­tion, and have included some of my favorite pieces here. Some were cre­ated in an on-line writer’s group. Some aren’t “fic­tion” at all, they’re just the sound of me whin­ing about crazy things I’ve seen or heard. Flash kvetches, as it were.


Flash Fic­tion:


In the Light of Day

Open­ing Night



The Pigeon

Flash Kvetches:

Am I Too Old to Get Excited?

I Can’t be a Senior — I Don’t Have My Diploma Yet

I Know What She’s Thinking

What Can I Pair with Bis­cuits and Gravy?

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