The X and Why Files

These pages con­tain some gen­eral silli­ness, from odd (and trust me, I mean ODD) pic­tures of my fam­ily, to a link to my five min­utes and forty-nine sec­onds of fame on the stage at the Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop.

I know, I didn’t have to include these, but I think it’s a phys­i­cal law, like grav­ity — when you’re a humor writer, you’ve got to have a page just like this.

Erma Bombeck Writer’s Workshop:

Live from Day­ton, It’s Sat­ur­day Night!



On a trip to my home­town, I vol­un­teered to go through about ten large boxes of old pic­tures to try to iden­tify the peo­ple in them. It was a turn­ing point in my life, as I came home and imme­di­ately began label­ing all of my Kodak moments. After spend­ing hours try­ing to fig­ure out if the woman was Aunt Joan or Aunt Joyce, and read­ing the inscrip­tions on the back, “This is me in my gar­den” (me who?), I swore not to make my fam­ily go through this hell. Or maybe I just swore in general.

Any­way, below are links to pic­tures of my fam­ily, myself, and some seri­ous odd­i­ties that I could not explain.



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