A More Deadly Union

Acclaimed Author Gayle Car­line Announces

New Peri Min­neopa Mys­tery, A MORE DEADLY UNION

Pla­cen­tia, CA – Acclaimed South­ern Cal­i­for­nia author Gayle Car­line announces the release of her fourth Peri Min­neopa mys­tery novel, A More Deadly Union (ISBN 978−1−943654−06−2).  A More Deadly Union fol­lows the first three books in the crit­i­cally acclaimed Peri Min­neopa series: Freezer Burn, Hit or Mis­sus, and The Hot Mess, along with the short story, Clean Sweep.

In A More Deadly Union, 50-year-old pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor, Peri Min­neopa knows two things: she doesn’t want to get mar­ried, and she’s happy to stick her nose into police busi­ness when she’s solv­ing a case.

When some­one begins threat­en­ing one of Peri’s clients, the most likely sus­pect turns out to be her client’s for­mer lover, whose past rela­tion­ship could ruin the suspect’s chances at being elected mayor. And when her boyfriend, Detec­tive Skip Carl­ton, ends up in a coma after being shot, Peri dis­cov­ers that her client’s case is inter­fer­ing with the police’s abil­ity to find his shooter. Peri’s been dat­ing Skip for ten years, but with­out a mar­riage license, she can’t even visit him in the hos­pi­tal. And Skip’s old­est daugh­ter is doing her best to keep Peri away.

Peri knows bet­ter than to inter­fere with the police’s efforts to find Skip’s shooter, but her case keeps show­ing up in the mid­dle of their inves­ti­ga­tion, and she needs to solve it fast to help her client and Skip. Now all she knows is that she’ll do any­thing if Skip will wake up – even marry him.

In A More Deadly Union, many of my read­ers’ favorite char­ac­ters reap­pear, includ­ing Peri’s Dean Martin-loving OCD assis­tant, Benny, her best friend, Blanche Debussy, boyfriend Skip Carl­ton, and Pla­cen­tia police Chief Fletcher,” said Car­line. “In this story, Peri gets her­self into more trou­ble with police while she tries to solve a case that will help her con­struc­tion friend, Jared, and Skip, and has to con­tend with Skip’s fam­ily and the hos­pi­tal staff where he’s recov­er­ing from a gun­shot wound. It’s one of Peri’s most dif­fi­cult cases, but also one where she comes to terms with her future and finally makes an impor­tant deci­sion about her rela­tion­ship with Skip.”

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Gayle Carline’s pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor mys­tery, A More Deadly Union: Peri Min­neopa Mys­ter­ies, Book 4, is sus­pense­ful and fast-paced. While this is Book 4 in the Peri Min­neopa Series, Car­line weaves just enough back­ground materiReadersFavoriteStickeral into her plot to allow read­ers to enjoy this book as a stand-alone novel. She quickly brings those new read­ers up to date with Peri’s career, her issues with Skip, who had pro­posed to her in the past, her friend/assistant, Benny, and her not-always-smooth rela­tion­ship with Skip’s fel­low police offi­cers. Carline’s plot is first-rate, and the solu­tion to the mys­tery is in no way a pre­dictable one. Peri is a mar­velous char­ac­ter, but the real star of this book for me was Benny, who has OCD and Asperger’s, and who rises to the sit­u­a­tion with courage, deter­mi­na­tion, and clas­sic style. A More Deadly Union: Peri Min­neopa Mys­ter­ies, Book 4 is highly rec­om­mended.” - Jack Mag­nus, Read­ers’ Favorite Book Reviews



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