New Dragon Soaring

FEBRUARY 10, 2023

Lisette de Lille and Tristen de Rocco are anxious to raise their new daughter Alara and discover what kind of dragon she might be. Unfortunately, Alara has been kidnapped by a woman who is obsessed with Rocco and willing to do anything to make him love her.

As Lisette seeks out their daughter, her old home is beset by enemies—Île des Oiseaux is under attack by the newest occupants from Spain, a count and his family bent on stripping the island of its riches while putting its people under the lash.

Rocco is also searching for Alara—he has retired his blood dragon curse, only to find himself as a different kind of dragon, one that transforms using a different set of rules, complicating his hunt.

They will need the help of pirates, nobility, and a more than a little magic to find their baby and free Île des Oiseaux in this conclusion to the Dragon Shadows trilogy.

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