Moon Dragon Falling

DECEMBER 9, 2022

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Lisette de Lille couldn’t be happier. She is carrying the child of her true love Tristan de Rocco, whom she plans to marry as soon as they are both healed from their battles with the Medina family. There are only a couple of small problems…

Lisette is now a moon dragon and has no idea how to control her transformations. She has been separated from the only person who can help her, and an old enemy has returned to threaten her happiness. 

Rocco would help her, except a potion has made him forget both Lisette and his unborn child. He only remembers Tempest—and being a blood dragon. 

The baby, conceived of two blood dragons, might be Lisette’s biggest problem. There’s so much she doesn’t know—including what kind of dragon her child will become.

In order to survive on her own, Lisette must battle those who would take her baby as well as those who would take her life.