Freezer Burn

MEDIA RELEASE: New Detec­tive Tries Not to Get Burned

It’s Minn-ee-OH-pa.”

Peri Min­neopa has heard her name man­gled a thou­sand ways and hates them all. What she does like are clean houses, and dirty martinis.

She recently traded in her house­clean­ing busi­ness for a P.I. license, seek­ing low-risk assign­ments. Her tim­ing seems per­fect when she cleans a for­mer client’s freezer and finds a sev­ered hand inside, wear­ing an expen­sive ring.

What Peri lacks in patience, she makes up for in nosi­ness, so she is soon look­ing for the body that matches the hand. This level of sleuthing is a brand new world, how­ever, and she has a lot to learn.

Her first les­son is that inves­ti­gat­ing mur­der can be dan­ger­ous, as a sus­pect threat­ens to end Peri’s career, if not her life. Her boyfriend, Detec­tive Skip Carl­ton, tries to warn her about push­ing peo­ple too far, but she’s not a very good lis­tener, not even when he’s right. Peri’s sec­ond les­son comes as she takes on an addi­tional case. Phi­lan­der­ing hus­bands don’t like being exposed, and Peri learns that even sur­veil­lance isn’t always low risk.

As these two cases col­lide, will Peri learn the truth behind both of them? More impor­tantly, will she ever get that dirty martini?



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