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Gayle-Carline-March 2017-022My cal­en­dar is between April and May. April says, “Enjoy the lit­tle things in life.” May says, “Today sounds so much bet­ter than Some­day.” Both say­ings are why I’ve been a lit­tle invis­i­ble lately.


Mostly, what’s new is that I’m writ­ing. And rid­ing. And writ­ing. In between trav­el­ing, that is. I’ve been to two horse shows, a writ­ing con­fer­ence, and the Pub­lic Library Asso­ci­a­tion Annual Conference.

The trav­el­ing will only con­tinue, as I go to more horse shows, more writ­ing con­fer­ences, the Amer­i­can Library Asso­ci­a­tion Annual Con­fer­ence, and maybe a vaca­tion here and there.

Hope­fully, the writ­ing will con­tinue as well. I’m work­ing like a demon to get the 5th Peri book drafted. After all, you can’t edit a blank page.

In the mean­time, I will be doing a cou­ple of events. One is hap­pen­ing May 12th. I’m super-excited for the Wine, Women, and Words fes­ti­val at Giracci Vine­yards. It’s a free event, where you can get your­self a nice glass/bottle of wine (that part will cost you), lis­ten to a dozen fab­u­lous women writ­ers talk about books and writ­ing and life in gen­eral, and even pos­si­bly pur­chase a book or two. Pro­ceeds from the book pur­chases will go to Laura’s House, a local char­ity focused on end­ing domes­tic vio­lence. Go here for more info:

Check it out!




If you can’t make the fes­ti­val, but you want to come see me, I’ll be at the Yorba Linda Arts Alliance Cel­e­bra­tion of the Arts on Sun­day, June 5. Another free event, with lots of artists doing lots of things. Here’s the link for where and when: http://​www​.per​formin​gart​slive​.com/​E​v​e​n​t​s​/​C​e​l​e​b​r​a​t​i​o​n​-​o​f​-​t​h​e​-​A​r​t​s​-​Y​o​r​b​a​-​L​i​n​d​a​-​H​u​r​l​e​s​s​-​B​a​r​t​o​n​-​P​a​r​k​-​a​n​d​-​L​a​s​o​r​d​a​-​F​i​e​l​d​-​H​o​use


MAY: I’ll be at a writ­ing retreat over Memo­r­ial Day week­end. I’ve been to the Sun­river Resort, near Bend, Ore­gon, and it is beau­ti­ful there. I’m using part of my days to sit in my room and write like a beast, and part of my days in a work­shop track to learn about writ­ing screen­plays. Why screen­plays? Because it’s one more way of look­ing at sto­ry­telling. There is also a memoir-writing track, and a deep-sensory-writing-experience track. If you’re a writer, here’s a great writ­ing vaca­tion. Here’s THAT link: http://​writ​er​scon​fer​ence​.com/​s​u​m​m​it/


I’m sure there will be more, but this is what I’ve got at the moment.


I did star in a commercial.

It’s about writ­ers, for writ­ers, adver­tis­ing the South­ern Cal­i­for­nia Writ­ers Con­fer­ence. We have three con­fer­ences, San Diego in Feb­ru­ary, Irvine in Sep­tem­ber, and a new, inten­sive mini-conference in Sun­River, Ore­gon (I’ve been to this place–it’s fab­u­lous). Let this moti­vate you to check out the conference–I’ll be there, teach­ing a work­shop or two!




Works-in-Progress My newest man­u­script, aka The Girl Pirate Fan­tasy, aka BLOOD DRAGON RIS­ING (offi­cial work­ing title), didn’t get a bite from any agent, but they did give me some sparkling feed­back, which I am tak­ing to heart. It means mas­sive edits, but I know the work will be stronger. Because that’s what writ­ers do–we toughen our ten­der but-my-baby hearts, lis­ten to cri­tique, and step up to becom­ing bet­ter writers.

In the mean­time, I’ve also started the fifth Peri Min­neopa mys­tery. It’s in its infancy, so patience, please.


Lisette de Lille dreams of drag­ons. This is not nor­mal for a young noble­woman. Nei­ther are her dreams for high adven­ture and true love. Yet some dreams come true, even if they mean being a vic­tim to a polit­i­cal coup, sold to pirates, sub­jected to a blood curse, guided by god­desses, embroiled in a fight to the death with a lover, or turn­ing into a deadly dragon at night. Blood Dragon Ris­ing is the first install­ment of The Blood Dragon fan­tasy series.

Tune in next time to find out more.



So go here (http://​gayle​car​line​.com/​a​-​m​o​r​e​-​d​e​a​d​l​y​-​u​n​ion/) to find out more about the book, and…

Go HERE to buy (this link will take you to your choice of Kin­dle or Paper­back) - https://​www​.ama​zon​.com/​M​o​r​e​-​D​e​a​d​l​y​-​U​n​i​o​n​-​M​i​n​n​e​o​p​a​-​M​y​s​t​e​r​i​e​s​-​e​b​o​o​k​/​d​p​/​B​0​1​D​3​M​M​Z9K


The launch party was a blast! (Photo by Gar­rett Miller)

Life is good, folks!


That’s all for now, but check back when you can. 


BTW, if you want to lis­ten to me ram­ble aim­lessly about writ­ing, I’ve been priv­i­leged to be a guest on two shows. You can check them out here:

•  Gar­rett Miller’s Blogtalk Radio show, Rat­ed­GRa­dio. http://​www​.blogtalkra​dio​.com/​g​a​r​r​e​t​t​m​i​l​l​e​r​/​2​0​1​3​/​0​9​/​1​3​/​r​a​t​e​d​-​g​-​r​a​dio

• Jason Matthews’ Google+ Show, Indie Authors. http://​www​.youtube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​9​y​O​T​9​Z​Y​4​TnA

The mys­ter­ies and humor are all still avail­able and sell­ing as ebooks and paper­backs. Take a tour of my author page on Ama­zon, pick out your favorite, and start read­ing imme­di­ately. Why wait?


Stay tuned… I’ll post more as I book ‘em.

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In the meantime,

Keep read­ing, Peeps!



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