Hit or Missus


Housecleaner-turned-private investigator Peri Minneopa takes a routine case: a rich husband suspects his wife of infidelity. Coincidentally, bad things start happening to her.

Peri’s boyfriend, Detective Skip Carlton, investigates the death of Peri’s elderly neighbor. It looks like a heart attack. Coincidentally, her husband died of a heart attack two weeks ago.

The elderly couple left legal papers on the table, involving a year-old real estate purchase. Coincidentally, there is a note attached from Peri’s client, a real estate developer.

Except, Peri and Skip don’t believe in coincidences. When their cases collide, she begins poking her nose into police business, butting heads with her boyfriend.

Stonewalled by Skip and the police, Peri turns to an unlikely partner for help, an annoying little man who is obsessed with Dean Martin.

If she can keep her sanity and her life –


 “If I wasn’t dead, I’d love this book.” – Elvis

“Love dat Benny – he’s da greatest.” – Dean Martin’s bartender’s accountant

“It’s a great book. You should buy it. We need the money.” – Dale Carline, husband

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