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Some­day maybe I’ll make a list

One of the things that sur­prises me about get­ting older is think­ing about the so-called Bucket List. When I was in my 30s, I used to muse aloud about things I’d like to do, by say­ing “that’s on my Bucket List,” as if I might kick the bucket any day now.

The older I get, the less I want to gather a list of things to do before I die. I love lists, and I really love check­ing things off my lists. It makes me feel accom­plished. But I don’t want to check the last item off a Bucket List—it would feel like I’m done with Life.

That’s not an accom­plish­ment. It’s an inevitability.

I’ve been try­ing to remem­ber what was on that Bucket List of my youth, but only a few things come to mind. One thing I remem­ber was that I wanted to go to the Oscars. My orig­i­nal goal was to sit in the stands out­side the venue and watch the stars on the red car­pet. I’d seen this in the movie “Sin­gin’ in the Rain” and thought it looked like fun.

I don’t think they still do that, do they?

My altered goal was to be a seat-filler. The rules are pretty strict. You get to dress up, but not too glit­tery or bright. You will sit among the stars, but you aren’t allowed to talk to them. And they advise you to wear com­fort­able shoes.

I’ve decided that job is too hard for me. I couldn’t leave the tiara at home.

Nowa­days, I see so few movies, I’m not cer­tain I could name any of the young actors and actresses. There are a lot of guys named Chris, I know. And there are a lot of blonde actresses whom I can­not name at all.

Between that and COVID-19, I’m bet­ter off stay­ing home.

There is one way I’d like to attend the Oscars. A few years ago, I was watch­ing the cer­e­mony on the TV in our fam­ily room. Mar­cus walked through as they were announc­ing the nom­i­nees for Best Score.

He paused and said. “I wouldn’t mind see­ing my name on that list someday.”

When you do,” I told him. “I’m your date.”

That’s the way to go to the Oscars.

Instead of a Bucket List, I think I’d rather keep a Some­day Maybe List. Some­day maybe I’ll stop in at that antique store I drive past on Mon­days. Some­day maybe I’ll eat at that fancy restau­rant. Or take a bus tour of Hollywood.

Some­day maybe I’ll stop pro­cras­ti­nat­ing about get­ting our taxes done.

Nah, that last one’s a lit­tle extreme. A Some­day Maybe List has a lot of advan­tages over a Bucket List. First of all, it doesn’t have any dead­lines. Some­day a goal might be achieved. No timetable, no pressure.

Sec­ond, there’s a maybe in the title. I don’t have to accom­plish every item on the list. I can even cross out some items and add new ones. Ordi­nar­ily, I like lists to be com­pleted, but I’m okay if this one never ends.

It means I’m always inter­ested in doing some­thing someday.

Long­time Pla­cen­tia res­i­dent Gayle Car­line tracks those moments that shape her days as a wife, mom, com­puter whiz and horse­woman. E-mail her at [email protected].

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