Murder Bytes

Award-winning Author Gayle Car­line Announces New Peri Min­neopa Mystery,

Acclaimed South­ern Cal­i­for­nia author Gayle Car­line announces the release of her fifth Peri Min­neopa mys­tery, Mur­der Bytes (ISBN 978−1−943654−14−7). Mur­der Bytes fol­lows the first four books in the crit­i­cally acclaimed Peri Min­neopa series: Freezer Burn (ISBN 978–0985506001), Hit or Mis­sus (ISBN-13: 978–1461093596), The Hot Mess (ISBN 978–0985506025), and A More Deadly Union (ISBN 978−1−943654−06−2), along with the short story, Clean Sweep (ASIN B004U37614), and the Willie Adams roman­tic mys­tery, Mur­der on the Hoof (ISBN 978–0985506087).  Car­line is also the author of sev­eral humor­ous mem­oirs, includ­ing What Would Erma Do? (ISBN 978–1453818039), and Rais­ing the Per­fect Fam­ily and Other Tall Tales (ISBN 978−1−943654−00−0).

In Mur­der Bytes, 50-year-old pri­vate inves­ti­ga­tor, Peri Min­neopa has had enough. She’s clos­ing her busi­ness, mar­ry­ing her detec­tive boyfriend, and set­tling down to a life of ease–until her brother shows up, accused of a mur­der he swears he didn’t com­mit. Now she’s back in the thick of things, inves­ti­gat­ing the death of an engi­neer who may have been steal­ing techno-secrets from other com­pa­nies. Her rela­tion­ship with her brother is an icy one, at best, and she strug­gles with her ambiva­lence, as well as her desire to leave inves­tiga­tive work behind. Dig­ging around in people’s lives is rea­son­ably easy, but when the bul­lets start fly­ing, will Peri be able to keep her promise?

The reg­u­lar gang is all back for Mur­der Bytes,” said Car­line. “At the end of A More Deadly Union, Peri had decided to close her P.I. busi­ness and retire. In this story, she’s try­ing to do just that, but her older brother needs her inves­tiga­tive skills to find out who is try­ing to frame him for mur­der. The police would rather close the book and let the courts han­dle it, so Peri must con­vince the detec­tives and Chief Fletcher to keep dig­ging. She, of course, gets a lit­tle help from her friends.”

Book­Life Reviews says, ” This enter­tain­ing mys­tery is per­fect for read­ers who appre­ci­ate a funny and coura­geous heroine.”

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