You’re from Where?



your from where (1)I love you, Pla­cen­tia, California.

For the record, Pla­cen­tia (pro­nounced Plah-SEN-cha) con­sists of about 50,000 res­i­dents liv­ing in 6.6 square miles in north Orange County. There is a hos­pi­tal, a library, a coun­try club, and some of the best restau­rants in the O.C.

In 2005, I began writ­ing a weekly humor col­umn for the news­pa­per, a slice-of-life look at an aver­age wife, mother, home­owner, and city resident—in other words, me. This col­lec­tion is cen­tered on the places and peo­ple of my hometown.

If you are from P-Town, I hope they res­onate with your expe­ri­ences. If you’re not, I hope they serve as an intro­duc­tion, and an inspi­ra­tion to find what is spe­cial about your own town.


This world could use a lit­tle more laugh­ter. Ms. Car­line deliv­ers. — Joanna Keating-Velasco, Author and Proud Res­i­dent of Placentia





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